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Promoting Leadership through Information & Knowledge

Clean Fuels Consulting offers its clients a broad spectrum of individually-tailored services related to clean fuels and technologies. These services include:
  • Direct lobbying within the European Union institutions and the United Nations;
  • Policy development;
  • Strategic marketing; Communications;
  • Technical and technology analysis;
  • Networking (including conferences and workshops);
  • Development of trade delegations; and
  • Training.
Clean Fuels Consulting is based in Washington, D.C. and started 1st October 2007 in Brussels, Belgium.

CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks: Opportunities, Challenges & Innovations
13-14 April 2016

Belgium, Brussels

This 7th Critical Issues Workshop, CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks brought together high-level experts and industry stakeholders to address the very specific and challenging issues related to natural gas storage on trucks and ships.  The goal of the workshop, based upon the critical issues identified over two-half-day sessions, was to promote specific actions and strategies relative to NGV fuel systems that will contribute to the steady market growth of NGVs – on land and sea.

Topics included:

  • Current and projected market growth for CNG cylinders and LNG tanks for trucks & ships
  • Latest innovations and opportunities for CNG and LNG storage technologies
  • Gaps and needs for further development and harmonization of standards and regulations that will reduce costs, promote safety and advance innovations of CNG cylinders and LNG tanks for trucks and ships;
  • R&D opportunities to get innovative natural gas storage technologies onto vehicles; 
To see Dr. Seisler's introductory presentation please click here.

NGV & LNG Safety: Perception & Reality

8-9 October 2014
Brussels, Belgium

This 6th Critical Issues Workshop gathered experts  NGV stakeholders including equipment manufacturers and  suppliers, government policy makers, regulators and others from 16 countries on four continentswho are interested or involved in safety aspects of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and fuelling stations for road, marine and rail transport. 

The opening presentation by Dr. Seisler, Links and Gaps in the NGV Safety Chain: An Overview of NGV Safety Perceptions and Reality can be downloaded here.
The results paper of the workshop, Findings and Conclusions can be downloaded by clicking here.

Poli-Techs: Creating a Standards & Regulatory Roadmap for Gaseous Fuel Vehicles
26-27 March 2013
Brussels, Belgium

To download the opening presentation, click here 

Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies Building the NGV Infrastructure
7-8 December 2011
Brussels, Belgium
To download the opening presentation click here.
To download the presentation "Integrating Petroleum and Alternative Fuels"  please click here.

Critical Issues Workshop
Dual Fuel (Gaseous/Diesel) Engines: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies to Expand the Market
30th & 31st March 2010
Brussels, Belgium

Critical Issues Workshop. 
LNG is HOT: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies as a Vehicle Fuel
3-4 December  2009
Brussels, Belgium

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