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NGVs Need Government Push to Spread in Japan
Gas Energy News
Tokyo, Japan
4 June 2016
The interview with Dr. Seisler can be downloaded here.

Renewable Biomethane: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies for Greening the Gas Grid.
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Europe Warming to Biomethane
Fleets & Fuels, 4 October 2010
Captures comments about a gentle shift in Brussels to recognize biomethane as an important vehicle fuel.

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Interview with Jeffrey Seisler

Czas na Gaz Magazine, May-June 2010

This wide-ranging interview with Jeff Seisler provides a glimpse into the background of his involvement in NGV associations and highlights some of the current activities and future possibilities for gaseous fuel lobbying in Europe.

Download the interview here.  (2 mb)

Lobbying: A word in your ear

Together Magazine, May-June 2008, by Cillian Donnelly.
"Lobbying is education. That is, education of policy makers.  Information and knowledge become a form of leadership."  Jeff Seisler compares and contrasts lobbying in Brussels and Washington, D.C. 

Download story here. (4.64 mb)

Critical Issues Workshop: Final Results
Brussels 11-12 March 2008

CNG and Hydrogen Cylinders Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies
Sixty five gaseous fuel specialists comprised of cylinder manufacturers, related equipment manufacturers, government regulators,vehicle manufacturers and standards experts from 20 countries were on hand in Brussels at this first Clean Fuels Consulting Critical Issues Workshop.

Download the final results here

To obtain a full copy of the proceedings, please visit www.iangv.org.

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THE BOSTON GLOBE: Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

As prices soar, the nation largely ignores the natural-gas option
By Clifford Atiyeh, Globe Correspondent  |  May 23, 2008

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Jeff Seisler Starts New Venture in Brussels
Brussels, 29 October 2007 

Dr Jeffrey M. Seisler, the founding Executive Director of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA) is opening a Brussels-based consultancy, Clean Fuels Consulting to foster a more proactive advocacy effort with the European institutions, focusing on natural gas vehicles (NGVs), renewable biomethane, hydrogen and other clean fuels.  

Jeffrey Seisler brings 30 years experience on two continents helping to shape energy and environment policy as well as commercializing new technologies.  “Today there are more legislative, regulatory, and policy developments related to energy, the environment, climate change and transportation than in the past decade. For the clean fuels industry and technologies – and particularly for natural gas, biomethane, LNG, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and hydrogen -- it is important to target the emerging policies that will set new directions for sustainable and secure energy in Europe.  These legislative and regulatory initiatives include:  the development of Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions regulations; the revision of the Biofuels Directive; policies and proposed mandates related to CO2 and passenger cars; the Fuel Quality Directive; and the development of new and harmonized standards for vehicles and fuelling stations.  We need to closely monitor and participate in the policy making process and continue to educate the European Commission and Parliament on a daily and focused basis to ensure that the cleaner fuels have the visibility they deserve,” said Seisler from his new office in Brussels.  

Clean Fuels Consulting is a private company whose mission is to facilitate the commercialization of clean fuels and technologies.   Its activities will address the complex, multi-dimensional needs of commercial sector, public sector, and not-for-profit-based clients on a global basis.  Services will include: direct lobbying and government relations within the European Union institutions and the United Nations; policy development; strategic marketing; communications; technical and technology analysis; networking (including conference and workshop development); training ; and the development of trade delegations, all related to clean fuels and technologies.  Additionally, Dr. Seisler will maintain an active role in the process to harmonize worldwide gaseous fuel vehicle standards and regulations, as well as advocate the development of international standards that are needed to continue the growth of liquefied natural gas (LNG), renewable biomethane, and hydrogen.

“With strong competitive forces from status quo liquid petroleum fuels and new blends of bio-fuels it is clear that better balance in the European policy arena is required to achieve a more sustainable energy future, particularly in the transportation sector.  It is an exciting time to be part of the policy making process in Brussels.  Clean Fuels Consulting plans on being part of this process,” Seisler concluded. 

As the Executive Director of ENGVA since its founding in 1994 Jeffrey Seisler was part of the European leadership that helped develop the market for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and become a legitimized part of European energy and environment policy.  Prior to that he was the founding Director of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition in Washington, D.C. from 1988 to 1994 where he served a similar function.  He served two terms as the President of the International Association for NGVs between 1998 and 2002 and remains active on the IANGV Executive Committee as the Vice President of Government Relations.

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A variety of media items in this section describe some of the past activities and accomplishments oJeffrey Seisler over his more than 25 year career in energy, the environment and alternative fuels.

Energy Green Paper is a Failure of Vision

The 2006 Green Paper on Secure, Competitive and Sustainable Energy for Europe fell short in addressing the transportation sector, according to Jeff Seisler.  "What is needed is intellectual leadership; someone with the vision required to embrace the future."

EU Reporter
13-24 March 2006
Cillian Donnelly

Download interview here.

Saying Goodbye to a Leader and a Friend

When Jeffrey Seisler left the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition in Washington, D.C. as the founding  Executive Director, Natural Gas Fuels Magazine wrote a tribute to him as he went to Europe to begin the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA) in July 1994.

Click here to download the article

Backyard Fillup

In September 1991 several newspapers wrote articles on the 'Backyard Fillup', where it was demonstrated how easily consumers could operate and refuel cars that run on compressed natural gas.

Washington Times
The Oil Daily
The Gas Daily

New York Times
1983 - 1991

From the first story written about Jeff's publication of "Conserving Energy in Older Homes: A Do-it-yourself-manual" in 1983 through 1991 the New York Times had various quotes and comments about energy and alternative fuels.

Download stories and quotes here.

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