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Jeffrey Seisler has made hundreds of presentations to large and small audiences around the world, mostly on topics related to natural gas vehicles, alternative fuels, government policy, new and commercializing technology, and the commercialization process. A small example of these presentations, made for many audiences of experts and generalists, are provided here in Powerpoint format.

Roadmap for the Deployment Medium-and-Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicles in Brazil

Washington, D.C., 8 December 2021

This year-long project supported Argonne National Laboratory in the coordination and facilitation of the development of a roadmap between the Brazilian government and industry stakeholders on natural gas medium-and heavy-duty vehicle deployment.  Work was carried out on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of International Affairs (IA), as well as for DOE's Vehicles Technology Office (VTO) Technology Integration program; 
providing technical support for the Brazilian  Natural Gas Vehicle Program. 

The Final Report to Argonne National Laboratory and the U.S. DOE staff included an overview of the most salient presentations at the seminar and also provided a brief Brazilian NGV Profile, including a view of the Brazilian energy, environment, and government policy views toward alternative fuels. The various opportunities and challenges facing Brazilian policy makers and NGV industry stakeholders were identified.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

For the full Roadmap set of three documents visit, in this website 'About Us', 'Clients', and scroll to the section on Commercial Marketing & Analysis.

Development of the NGV Market & Infrastructure in the U.S.

Presented to ABEGAS, the Brazil Gas Pipeline Association Seminar on Natural Gas Mobility on behalf of the Argonne National Laboratory and The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Office of International Affairs.
Rio de Janeiro, 24-25 October 2019

Brazil is interested in continuing the development of its NGV market by adding natural gas buses and heavy duty trucks to its current inventory of light duty natural gas passenger cars and CNG fueling infrastructure.  Dr. Seisler was asked to participate in this seminar as part of the U.S.-Brazil Energy Forum. Two hundred and fifty industry stakeholders participated over two days, including representatives of the Brazil national and local governments as well energy suppliers, vehicle and equipment system suppliers, customers, academics, and advocates for public health and the environment.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

Funding Opportunities for NGVs: A Roadmap to Brussels
Presentation to the 34th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals  Croatian Gas Association                                                                             Opatija, Croatia, 8-10 May 2019

 This presentation outlines the various funding mechanisms available to NGV stakeholders (and others) through the European Commission including projects, tenders, grants, loans, and blending calls.  It provides a simple yet detailed description of the EC framework for alternative fuels policy, implementation and funding opportunities in, for example, the Innovative & Networks Executive Agency (INEA), the Ten-T networks, Horizon 2020, and the European Innovation Council for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

 The presentation is available by clicking here.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: More Chickens & Eggs for the Fuel of the Future
Presented to the senior management and marketing staff of a commercial sector stakeholder 
Vienna, Austria
March 2019

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to be one of the most highly financed fuel and technology alternatives to petroleum vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE).  This presentation provides a complete hydrogen fuel cell overview, offering a worldwide snapshot (including Japan, Europe and the U.S.A.) and covers the hydrogen sources and delivery networks, vehicles, fuel stations and various projections of market growth into the future.

The presentation is available by clicking here.

Global Harmonization of Standards & Regulations...into the Future

Seminar on CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks
Sponsored by the Japan Gas Association
2 June 2016
Tokyo, Japan

This seminar included forty high level government regulators, vehicle and cylinder/tank manufacturers, gas industry executives, associations and related NGV stakeholders for a special presentation by Dr. Seisler. The presentation addressed:

  • Introduction to the structure, content and process of ISO (International Organization for Standards) and the UNECE (United Nations Economic Council of Europe;
  • Understand where we are today with global standards and regulations for CNG cylinders and LNG tanks; and
  • An approach to future harmonization of global standards and regulations;
    The presentation can be downloaded here.

    NGV Wish List 2016
    Alternative Fuels Conference & World Fair
    26-28 May 2016
    Bologna, Italy

    This presentation discusses oil prices and taxation in Europe and the United States; re-balancing methane regulation; a prescription for government incentives; harmonization of fuel station pricing of CNG and LNG in gallons/liters equivalent; and the expanded use of internationally agreed road signage for CNG and LNG fuel stations.  The presentation concludes with a vision for the future of NGV Global and the bringing together the efforts of NGV stakeholders advocating for the use of natural gas in road, marine and rail applications.
    To download the presentation, please click here.

    Incentives for LNG Bunkering
    LNG Bunkering: Mediterranean Summit
    24-25 September 2015
    Barcelona, Spain

    Private sector investment alone will not achieve all targets for NGV development.  Financial incentives are required.  Highlighting private/public partnerships, this presentation outlines some of the current programs and funding opportunities for LNG bunkering in the marine sector.  This includes the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program (to 2020 and beyond); the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF); and opportunities for financial support through the European Investment Bank.

    To download this presentation please click here.

    Critical Issues Workshop #6

    CNG & LNG Safety: Perception & Reality

    8-9 October 2014
    Brussels, Belgium

    This sixth in the series of Clean Fuels Consulting Critical Issues Workshops since 2008 gathered 50 experts from 16 countries on four continents representing natural gas vehicle (NGV) stakeholders, including equipment manufacturers and suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, government policy makers and others to identify and address the most critical safety issues related to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as vehicle fuels. The presentations and discussion focused on the current standards and regulatory state-of-play related to CNG and LNG fuel storage systems, vehicle technologies, and fuelling options. The workshop participants addressed existing gaps as well as some of the opportunities to fill the gaps in order to facilitate further market development and commercialization of NGVs.

    The opening presentation by Dr. Seisler, Links and Gaps in the NGV Safety Chain: An Overview of NGV Safety Perceptions and Reality can be downloaded here.

    Issues Associated with Gas Composition and Quality
    NGV Global Technology Forum, Long Beach, California
    5 May 2014

    Natural gas composition poses many challenges for the natural gas vehicle sector, whether it is compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biomethane upgraded from raw biogas.  Each NGV stakeholder -- gas supplier, vehicle manufacturer, and customer -- has a different view of 'what is important.'  While there are a vareity of national and international standards for gas composition, because the fuel is 'natural' harmonization has not yet been and likely won't be achieved.  This brief presentation demonstrates the range of gas compositions found in CNG and LNG and identifies the importance that 'quality' gas will bring to the vehicle transport sector.

    The presentation can be downloaded here.

    NGVs Past and Prologue: Lessons Learned to Creating Deployment Strategies for Commercializing NGVs

    Presentation to Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the U.S. Department of Energy, 1 May 2014

    Prepared on contract to ANL and the U.S. DOE, this two hour presentation attempts to summarize 30 years’ experience and ‘lessons learned’ in global NGV development.  A broad overview of world NGV activities and trends is presented in the first section.  This is followed by ‘lessons learned’ in technology, standards (poli-techs) development, politics, and in deployment of the fueling infrastructure for NGVs.  This extensive and comprehensive presentation of more than 170 slides chronicles many experiences in technology and policy making that can be used to avoid past mistakes and capitalize on many successes in the world NGV market. 

    The complete presentation is available upon request to Clean Fuels Consulting. 

     A short version of this presentation made to the NGV Global bi-annual conference in Long Beach, California on 8 May 2014 can be downloaded here.

    Critical Issues Workshop #5
    Poli-techs: Creating a Standards and Regulatory Roadmap for Gaseous Fuel Vehicles
    26th-27th March 2013
    Brussels, Belgium

    As an overview to the workshop this presentation provides a first look at the standards and regulatory structure but also looks briefly at the marine,  railway, and agricultural market potential for gaseous fuels and addresses some of the upcoming challenges to open these markets based on the new standards and regulations that will required as well as those needing  updating.

    Download the presentation here. 

    Critical Issues Workshop

    Integrating Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Infrastructures: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies Building the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure
    7-9 December 2011
    Brussels, Belgium

    This ‘4th Critical Issues Workshop’ explored the various aspects of integrating alternative fuels into the existing fuel network.  This presentation is Dr. Seisler’s opening that provides a background to the workshop and a window into the strategies, challenges and opportunities to expanding NGV fuelling, in particular.

    The presentation can be downloaded here.

    Critical Issues Workshop
    Dual-Fuel (Gaseous/Diesel) Engines: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies to Expand the Market
    March 2010

    This third of the Critical Issues Workshops (Brussels, 30-31st March 2010) presented a forum to identify and explore the most important technology, marketing and regulatory issues related to natural gas and liquiefied petroleum gas (LPG) dual-fuel engines.  Engine experts, fleet operators and government regulatory specialists discussed the range of different dual-fuel technologies, operating experiences and regulatory issues that must be adressed in order to overcome the market engtry challenges faced by these economic and low polluting engine technologies.  This was the opening, overview presentation that provided the background to the world wide gaseous/diesel dual-fuel situation.

    Download the presentation here

    Critical Issues Workshop
    LNG is HOT: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies as a Vehicle Fuel

    December 2009

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is capturing wider attention worldwide as countries continue to focus on energy security through diversity of supply, improving the environmental and economics.  This second in the series of Clean Fuels Consulting Critical Issues Workshops (held in Brussels 3-4 December 2009)  explored new strategies to expand the world-wide markets for cryogenic natural gas/methane as a vehicle fuel.  Dr. Seisler's opening presentation highlighted European liquefied natural gas vehicle (L-NGV) activities in Europe.

    Download the presentation here.

    Green Streets: The Challenge of Sustainable Transport To, From and Within Cities    onference 7-8 September 2009, Committee of the Regions, Brussels

     In Session I, Policy Measures for Greener Urban Transport, Jeff Seisler outlined the variety of alternative fuels currently being considered as substitutes for gasoline and diesel.  Here he advocates the creation of a European Alternative Fuels Policy.  (Also refer to the 'Articles & Publications' section of this website for supporting publications in the Parliament Magazine.)

    Policy Measures for Greener Urban Transport: Balanced Policies for Alternative Fuels
    Download the presentation here.

    AFVi Webinar
    Cheaper by the Gallon: Natural Gas Fuelling Fleet Transportation Needs
    September 2008

    This presentation was done for an on-line Webinar on heavy duty natural gas vehicles on 16th September 2008.  It identifies the benefits of using natural gas vehicles: economics, environmental advantages, safety and sustainable fuel supply. It also highlights some of the challenges facing NGVs.

    The presentation can be downloaded here.

    Critical Issues Workshop

    CNG & Hydrogen Cylinders: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies
    March 2008

    A Clean Fuels Consulting 'Critical Issues Workshop' was held on 11-12 March 2008 in Brussels, entitled CNG and Hydrogen Workshop: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies.  This includes pictures of a variety of historical NGVs and the use of CNG cylinders from different countries around the world.

    The opening presentation of that workshop can be downloaded here.

    More information about the workshop and its results can be seen on this website by visiting the section: Conferences & Workshops.

    Natural Gas for Transportation

    This one page, comprehensive matrix demonstrates the author’s view of the short, mid-and long-term development of natural gas vehicle commercialization. Several time periods are provided, representing the early adopters, mainstream adopters, and market acceptance phase to 2025 and beyond. Four areas of strategic market and technological focus include:  market development; equipment/technology development; fuelling infrastructure development; and government affairs (legislative and regulatory). The first matrix was development in 2002 and updated in 2005. It remains a remarkably stable view of the unfolding developments in the NGV world market....at that time!

    Download this matrix.

    Hydrogen for Transportation

    This matrix focuses on hydrogen vehicle commercial development using the same framework as is shown in the comprehensive matrix demonstrating the phased development for natural gas vehicles. Many of the commercialization patterns of development can be directly traced back to how NGVs are developing in the global market, including the development of technology, standards, fuelling stations, etc. This view of hydrogen vehicle  (H2V) development was first created in 2002 and remains as a relatively ‘realistic’ guideline for the current progress of H2V commercial activities...at that time!

    Download this matrix.




    Video presentation
    Dr. Jeffrey Seisler giving a video presentation in the former office of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA) in Hoofdorp, Netherlands,  for use at a conference in Brisbane, Australia.

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