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Clean Fuels Consulting regularly provides services to clients such as described below.  This is a small, representative sample of projects done by Clean Fuels Consulting.

Lobbying and International Government Relations

Supergas (Israel)
Testified to the Israel Ministry of Energy and Water Resources against planned regulation to require 'mother-daughter' CNG fuel stations to be 90 meters from any building.  Testimony and presentation resulted in a change of the planned requirement to be consistent with International Standards Organization distance requirements and that of existing Israeli distancing regulations for liquid fuel stations (40 meters from residential buildings/hotels/etc. and 90 meters from 'extreme sensitive buildings' such as hospitals and schools).  

Portuguese Natural Gas Company
Prepared a lobbying brief to support the gas company’s efforts to convince their national regulatory authority to provide tariffs for ‘grid-injection’ of biomethane.  The gas company had been limited by its regulators to providing its biogas for electricity generation only.  The lobbying brief outlined European legislative mandates and the intent of the European Parliament supporting biomethane grid injection and surveyed grid injection activities, regulations and business practices of European countries.  The lobbying brief was supported by an accompanying PowerPoint presentation useful for communicating the results with government officials.

Dutch Venture Capitalist
For a company invested in liquefied natural gas (LNG) development worked with a member of the European Parliament to craft language for specific amendments to the Report on a Future Sustainable Transport. European Parliament 2009/2096(INI) that favored actions by the European Commission to expand the use of LNG as a transportation fuel

German Technical Institution
Provided a technical-political-regulatory brief and Powerpoint presentation for a technical institution assisting a major German engine manufacturer in certifying a dual-fuel natural gas/diesel engine at the German Ministry of Transportation.

International Association for NGVs
Provided on-going lobbying, analysis and support for the association’s activities in the development and promotion of international standards and regulations at the United Nations, including the Working Party on the Worldwide Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations, the Group of Experts on Pollution and Energy, the Group of Experts on General Safety, and the Working Party on Gas.  Also provided co-secretariat function to support the Informal Group on Gaseous Fuel Vehicles (GFV) for its 10 years in operation. Provided secretariat function to the Informal Working Group on LNG vehicles, which incorporated LNG vehicle systems into UNECE R.110. Created a lobbying plan and strategy for the IANGV that also was adopted by the Natural Gas Vehicle Association of Europe as their 'Roadmap to Geneva' strategy.

For a consortium of companies based in Israel and Slovakia
, lobbying at the European Commission, the European Parliament and a national ambassadorial representation office in Brussels regarding the development of a combined cycle power- plant in a new European member state. Also provided a political briefing paper and documentation used in the team's lobbying efforts in Malta and Brussels. 

Eden Energy
As part of their effort to commercialize blends of hydrogen and natural gas, monitored activities in the European Parliament regarding developing legislation on hydrogen vehicles and the use of hydrogen and natural gas blends. 

Commercial Market Development and Analysis 

Roadmap for the Deployment Medium-and-Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicles in Brazil 
This year-long project supported Argonne National Laboratory in the coordination and facilitation of the development of a roadmap between the Brazilian government and industry stakeholders on natural gas medium-and heavy-duty vehicle deployment.  Work was carried out on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of International Affairs (IA), as well as for DOE's Vehicles Technology Office (VTO) Technology Integration program; providing technical support for the Brazilian  Natural Gas Vehicle Program.  The project involved interviews and working groups of over 100 Brazilian stakeholders from the Brazil Federal government, gas industry, fuel station infrastructure suppliers, vehicle and system suppliers, fleet operators (public and private), and civil society (universities, NGO, and public interest groups).  Multiple stakeholder workshops provided, in the end, a holistic view of the Roadmap and ‘cross fertilization’ of the stakeholders’ ideas and concepts about the responsibilities, opportunities, actions and timeframe elaborated in the final Roadmap. The Roadmap is being used as a fundamental tool in developing the Brazilian market for natural gas and biomethane heavy duty vehicles, for CNG and LNG.  The four-part final results of the Brazil Roadmap can be downloaded at: 

Part 1 HD NGV Roadmap for Brazil: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges
Part 2 HD NGV Roadmap for Brazil: Actions
Part 3 HD NGV Roadmap for Brazil: Master Action Matrix
Final Report Presentation to the U.S. Department of Energy 12 December 2021

Development of a Clean Transportation Roadmap for Kazakhstan, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and Argonne National Laboratory in support of a US$35 million loan to the City of Almaty to purchase 200 CNG buses and create a new, sustainable NGV program.  Created a Roadmap based upon interviews with Kazakhstani political, gas industry, NGV stakeholders and others as well as a management plan for implementation.  Coordinated the development and implementation of a two-day stakeholder workshop in Almaty on 30-31st March 2011 to present world views of NGV development, standards, regulations and the Roadmap. 

For an Austrian Manufacturer of LNG Tanks for Trucks
Provided on-going support for the marketing, communications, and commercial development of a Second Generation LNG tank for trucks.  Working with the company president, developed a successful proposal to the European Commission, awarding the company €1.7 million to support the certification of its tank to UNECE R.110 requirements, thus opening its opportunities for widespread market development.

Identified LNG tank manufacturers and LNG fuelling stations (outside North America) for a company interested in expanding its manufacturing activities to support LNG trucks, fuelling stations, and portable fuel trailers worldwide.

For a Central European venture capitalist prepared analysis of specific liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) markets in Europe to support the company's interest in purchasing a manufacturer of compressed natural gas (CNG) and LPG fuel tanks.

Supporting a team of consultants  on behalf of a company considering expanding into the CNG fuelling station business, provided expert input and analysis of the fuelling station market in nine different countries. Also reviewed and critiqued the company’s survey instrument as part of the analytic effort.

On behalf of an Asian manufacturer of CNG fuel systems 
 provided on-going advisory services to expand company’s business base in developing NGV markets, with particular focus on South America. 

For a manufacturer of heavy duty, dual fuel engine systems
, provided market analyses and performed 19 NGV Country Profiles as a basis for the company’s decision to expand its markets on a global basis.
For a large investment firm based in China, performed an analysis of the international market for CNG cylinders and their manufacturers, including NGV Country Profiles of individual national markets in South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific area.

For a major international CNG cylinder manufacturer, provided marketing contacts and arranged meetings at the request of the client to help develop new customers in various European countries.

Foton Bus (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Developed marketing presentations (Powerpoint format) from the client’s materials and presented Foton’s product offerings for natural gas and alternative fuel buses and heavy duty trucks as part of their U.S. product introduction at the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Legislative and Regulatory Analysis and Support

Japan Gas Association
Supported the JGA and the government in amending UNECE Regulation 110 for CNG and LNG Vehicles so that Japan could adopt R.110 into its own regulatory framework.  This multi-year activity supported the opening of the Japanese domestic market to foreign suppliers of NGV equipment.  

Carrier Transicold
Carrier developed a natural gas refrigeration system for trucks but could not bring it to market until the UNECE Regulation 110 could be amended to include natural gas cooling systems as a viable operating system on heavy duty vehicles.  The process involved year-long coordination of the amending language and developing agreements of the Contracting Parties (country delegations) to support the amendment and, thus, create market opportunities for Carrier Transicold's new technology.

Israel Ministry of Energy and Water
Did an extensive worldwide survey of "Mobile Fueling CNG 'Daughter Stations: Rules and Regulations on Safety Distances" to support regulatory decisions being discussed and developed for the expansion of the CNG fuel station network in Israel.  

Czech Gas Association
Performed a European-wide survey of regulations and legislation pertaining to underground parking of natural gas and LPG vehicles. The study and its recommendations are being used in the Czech Republic to change prohibitions against parking NGVs in underground parking garages.

National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program Development

United Nations Development Program
Participated in developing the Feasibility Study on Use of Natural Gas as Motor Fuel in Armenia, including an analysis of foreign legislation on the usage of natural gas as a vehicle fuel and developing a concept plan of principles and recommendations on the establishment of a relevant legal framework in Armenia to adopt NGVs as part of the national energy plan.


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