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Jeffrey M. Seisler
Dr. Seisler has more than 30 years experience dealing with energy and environment issues, and has 25 years experience in the NGV/alternative fuels industry as a lobbyist, marketer and technologist. Having worked for several consulting firms in the areas of energy conservation, utility and solar energy policy analysis and marketing analysis, Dr. Seisler went on to begin his own management consulting business, specialising in energy and marketing analysis for the gas and electric industry as well as for other private sector and government clients. Dr. Seisler has since fulfilled the roles of the Associate Director of New Market Development at the American Gas Association (1983 – 1988), Executive Director of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (NGVC) in the United States (1988 – 1994), and (on a volunteer basis) President of the International Association for NGVs (1998 – 2002). Dr. Seisler was the founding Executive Director of European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA) ( 1994-2007). He began Clean Fuels Consulting in Brussels in October 2007 specializing in lobbying, government relations, and commercialisation of clean fuels and technologies. His contribution in the training curricula offered by ICFTI relates to global overviews of national alternative fuel programs, international standards and regulations, government policy, and strategic marketing and commercialization. Dr. Seisler is the Commercial Director of ICFTI.

Gert Jan Rap
With over 20 years of experience in the alternative fuels and vehicle technology industry, Mr. Rap has been involved in conversions of vehicles including those of various large vehicle manufacturers. Mr. Rap’s expertise lies in the areas of the development of components and complete systems for retrofit and OEM systems, homologation, quality assurance during serial conversions, emissions optimisation, engine development for gaseous fuel engines, commercialisation of retrofit products and OEM systems, market development as well as the development, homologation and commercialisation of refuelling technology and transport equipment. Mr. Rap also provides services in the areas of market research, project management, technical and commercial training, assistance in applying for project incentives and financing and consulting for his own company RAP Clean Air Products. Mr. Rap is the Technical Director of ICFTI.

Gijs van Schoonhoven
Mr. van Schoonhoven, owner of his own engineering bureau has nearly 30 years of engineering experience. In addition, he has over 10 years of experience in the fields of compressor station design, site inspection as well as the design and installation of compressed natural gas (CNG), biogas, and hydrogen fuelling stations and related systems. In light of his broad experience in and outside Europe, Mr. van Schoonhoven’s knowledge extends from petrochemical, nuclear power and gas industries to current fuelling station building strategies, on which he focuses during his training sessions. In particular his expertise covers areas relating to fuel station technology such as safety, standards and codes, equipment, operation and maintenance planning, CNG systems as well as fuel station sizing, budgeting and economics.

Karen Hall
Ms. Karen Hall (Technology Transition Corporation, Ltd. and US-based National Hydrogen Association) presents the hydrogen part of the training sessions. During her portions of the hydrogen sessions she presents a brief description of past, present and future applications for hydrogen and trends and timelines of ICEs and Fuel Cells along with various examples of progress and challenges in the field are cited. Certain vehicle safety issues also are discussed, in particular various national and international hydrogen vehicle safety activities, including SAE recommended practices, the California Fuel Cell Partnership guidelines and emergency responders manual and ISO activities. As for infrastructure and refuelling issues, the following topics are included: Hydrogen production, storage, and delivery; refuelling station requirements and NFPA, ICC, validation activities; Guidance documents (guideline for code officials, specification for hydrogen fuel quality, implications for station operators). Mrs. Hall is a member of the Order of the Engineer. She is active in the development of safety codes and standards for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies with ISO/TC-197, the National Hydrogen Association, and SAE’s Fuel Cell Codes and Standards Forum. She is also a member of the National Fire Protection Association (USA), and serves on two NFPA Technical Committees. She serves as Vice President for Technical Operations for the National Hydrogen Association (USA) and as Administrative Manager for the United Kingdom Hydrogen Association.
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