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Decision Makers' Guide to NGVs
Decision Makers’ Guide to Natural Gas Vehicles, European Commission, Directorate General Energy and Transport, Energie, 5th Framework Program, 2000.

This popular Guide was produced by a team of NGV and energy experts with funding from the European Commission. Jeffrey Seisler was the lead author along with project managers from MVV InnoTec (Germany) Renate Lemke and Henning Niemeyer. The Decision
Makers’ Guide provides basic but essential information required by public officials or commercial fleet owners considering using NGVs as part of their vehicle fleet mix.

Click here to download Part 1 (7.4mb)        Click here to download Part 2 (1.93mb)

The Decision Makers' GuideThe Biomethane Decision Guide for Urban & Municipal Policy Makers (Biomethane Decision Guide), produced by the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association under contract to the European Commission (Biogasmax project), 2007.

The Biomethane Decision Guide for Urban and Municipal Policy Makers (also known as the Biomethane Decision Guide)  was one of the deliverables within the European Commission-funded ‘Biogas as a vehicle fuel – Market Expansion to 2020 Air Quality' (Biogasmax) project that was initiated in 2006 under the 6th Framework Programme.  The project was designed to help communities reduce their dependency on oil and reduce vehicle emissions -- including CO2.  The three-year project included six principal cities in five European countries and additional partners in four communities in three other countries.

The decision guide is a compilation of information drawn from first hand accounts of various stakeholders and municipal decision makers who initiated biogas-to-biomethane projects to fuel natural gas vehicles.  The Biomethane Decision Guide explains all aspects of the biomethane decision—from the biomethane pathway to biomethane business – with the aid of practical examples.

This task was performed by the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association.  Dr. Seisler provided oversight for all aspects of the guide’s development (excluding final layout, art, and design).

Click here to download the Decision Guide. (2.3 mb)

Conserving Energy in Older HomesConserving Energy in Older Homes: A Do-It-Yourself Manual, U.S Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, published by Analytech Management Consulting, Alexandria, Virginia, ISBN 0-9610932-0-X, 1982, 1983.

Written under contract for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, this simple-to-use consumer publication sold more than 10,000 copies under the auspices of Analytech Management Consulting. Principal author and project manager Jeffrey Seisler published and distributed this manual after the government funding for consumer communications was cut by the Reagan administration. It is a timeless guide that focuses on the special problems of energy conservation and efficiency in pre-1939 homes. It provides guidelines for a home energy audit and useful tips on insulation, window management, radiator maintenance, and many other things specifically oriented to saving energy and making older residences more comfortable.

The New York Times said, “Well-illustrated and 44 pages long, the guide is like a handbook replacement for the grandparent who knows that if you tilt a steam radiator at the right angle, you might get it to stop banging. But it also incorporates modern thinking about how to make rooms with high ceilings warmer without turning up the heat, and how to make windows with sash boxes air tight – a need not so pressing in days of 18-cents-a-gallon heating oil.”

Click here to read news clips about the Manual     Click here to download the Manual (3.18mb)

Heat Pump Manual, Electric Power Research Institute & the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Special Report, EPRI-EM-4110-SR, California, August 1985.

Written on contract by Analytech Management Consulting, the manual served as an authoritative guide on heat pump equipment and applications for utility energy management and consumer service personnel, marketing specialists and corporate planners.  Jeffrey Seisler lead a small team of engineers, and art and design specialists to develop this well-distributed guide that supported the commercial development of residential electric air-and water-source heat pumps. 

The first edition of the Heat Pump Manual was updated by EPRI in 1989 and can be downloaded from their website free of charge.  Enter in your browser: EPRI Heat Pump Manual and follow the link.

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