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CFC is able to offer its clients a broad spectrum of individually-tailored services including: direct lobbying within the European Union institutions and the United Nations.

Clean Fuels Consulting has direct access to the principal policy makers in the European Commission and the European Parliament.  We have worked directly with the Directorates Generals of Energy, Transportation, Enterprise and Industry , Environment and the Joint Research Centres (JRC), Research (RTD). Likewise we have experience with the European Parliament in the similar functional areas as with the European Commission, whether it is with the Members of the European Parliament or the various committees. 

Lobbying Strategy/Approach

Clean Fuels Consulting advocates for natural gas and other clean fuels.  Advocacy is based upon a multi-client approach to educating and influencing policy makers to commit a balanced approach to fuels and technologies that maintains options for a wide variety of innovations while maintain the environmental integrity of each fuel and technology pathway toward the low-and-no-carbon fuel future. 

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